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Our Natural Remedy Wholesale program

With the Ultimate Lifespan Wholesale Program you can purchase top-selling health and wellness products at a huge discount, for re-sale at your retail store, practice, by mail order, through the Internet or directly to your customers. With the one of the highest reorder rates in the industry with Natural Food Stores, Independent Pharmacies, Nutritionists, Fitness Coaches, Yoga and Fitness Instructors, Estheticians, Physicians,, Chiropractors, Homeopaths or Dietary Supplement Distributors, you will have a proven natural remedy product line to start making strong sales and earning huge margins!

Healthy Living Products That Sell!

Ultimate Lifespan markets several high volume products targeting the ever growing and highly lucrative “Baby Boomer” & “Healthy Lifestyle” consumer segments. Our healthy living products include:

All of our all natural remedies are proprietary blends with 100% natural pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Keep on the lookout for new additions to the Ultimate Lifespan family. We have several in the pipeline!

Highlights of Our Wholesale Program

We are totally committed to your successful and profitable sales of Ultimate Lifespan healthy living products. We offer a virtually risk-free wholesale program:

The Ultimate in Health and Wellness Wholesale Programs

If the opportunity to become a Wholesale Representative for Ultimate Lifespan Natural Remedies interests you, then please contact us at wholesale@ultimatelifespan.com. We will promptly and gladly provide all the details.

Ultimate Lifespan


Lisa says

I would like detailed information about your wholesale products and specifically how this program works. Thanks very much!

Ultimate LIfe Span Ultimate LIfe Span says

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for writing in and for sharing your concerns with us! Ultimate Digestive Health 30-Day System is a safe and gentle 30-day colon cleansing Program. Ultimate Digestive Health includes a 100% natural and gentle fiber colon cleanser, Probiotic Formula, Anti-Parasitic and body detox tea, along with a 30-Day guide to better health.


If you have additional questions about becoming a member of the Ultimate Lifespan Wholesale Health Partner Program please contact us for an application at ”’wholesale@ultimatelifespan.com.”’

Again, thank you for writing in, Lisa and make it a healthy day!


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