Affiliate Program

Our Health and Wellness Affiliate Program

As an approved qualified Ultimate Lifespan Affiliate you will be able to offer a hugely successful line of health and wellness products to your customers, site visitors or subscribers. To date, we have satisfied over 50,000 customers.

A Portfolio of Natural Remedies

Ultimate Lifespan markets several high volume products to the ever larger “Baby Boomer” & “Healthy Lifestyle” segments:

Customer have come to trust Ultimate Lifespan natural remedies. Not only do they work, but they are all backed by our 365-Day “No Hassle” refund policy.

Keep on the lookout for new additions to the Ultimate Lifespan family. We have several in the pipeline!

Our Affiliates hear KA-CHING with our Healthy Living Products

With Ultimate Lifespan natural remedies, you are guaranteed a product line that has been proven to work. This means, better sell-thru, less returns, more repeat customers and higher customer satisfaction.

Your Benefits from the Ultimate Lifespan Affiliate Program, includes

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*If you are a distributor or marketer of products complementary to Ultimate Lifespan natural remedies, please contact us at:


NJ says

Is the affiliate program parasite-free? Second time asking. Have not heard back from anyone. Thanks.

Ultimate LIfe Span Ultimate LIfe Span says

Hi NJ,

Thank you for writing in and for sharing your concerns with us! Our Affiliate program covers all of our products and you may choose the ones you want either individually or get them all via our Ultimate Digestive Health Kit with Probiotics. To know more about our packages and products, please send us an email at or send us your email and we would be glad to get in touch. Hope this helps! make it a healthy day!

Ultimate Lifespan Ultimate Lifespan says

Hi T,

Thank you for posting your question! Please visit our online store at to know more about our products and shipping. Or, if you have any other concerns, please send us an email at Here’s to your health!


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