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4 Key Strategies for Killing Food Cravings

Guest Author Chad Tackett, CPT Founder of Fast Track to Fat Loss When you’re constantly hungry, it makes choosing the right foods at the right times really challenging. Staying full and energized while eating fewer calories—that’s the secret to long-term fat loss success. Here are 4 key strategies for feeling satisfied after a healthy meal […]

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Prevent Diabetes and Lose Weight at the Same Time!

Looking good isn’t the only reason to lose weight. It just might save your life, especially if you adopt a healthy menu to lose the weight. To lose weight properly, you should be eating the same foods that can help prevent a number of life-threatening diseases such as diabetes. Obesity is a definite pre-cursor to […]

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Why Does Conventional Weight Loss Advice FAIL?

Despite the drive to lower America’s obesity rate, most dieters still fail to lose weight and worse, many who do lose the weight gain it back as well as a few more pounds! Due to all the health risks associated with obesity, the health industry has been pressured to focus more on preventative measures and […]

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Are We Supposed to Gain Weight as We Age?

The battle of the bulge sure seems to get a little tougher as we get older. As we reach middle-age, we find they that we can’t lose weight as easily as we did in our younger years. In order to lose weight effectively, it seems like we have to take extreme measures Perhaps we aren’t […]

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Causes and Cures for Monster Food Cravings

It happens to everyone that is trying to shed pounds or just eat healthy.  You go for several days or even weeks being faithful to the promise we made to yourself.  Then, Whammo!  You get blind-sided by a monstrous food craving that we just can’t shake.  Whether it’s sweet vs. salty or crunchy vs. chewy, […]

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Fruit or Not for Weight Loss Success?

To eat fruit or not to eat fruit for weight loss success? Some experts say to avoid fruit at all costs if you’re trying to lose pounds. Others say it’s OK to eat and you should, instead, avoid processed foods containing the chemically altered fructose derivates including high fructose corn syrup, table sugar and the […]

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