About us

Founded in 2005, Ultimate Lifespan is a family owned and operated natural products company based out of Boulder, Colorado.

Natural Remedies for Living Healthy

We’ve worked with dozens of doctors, scientists and natural health experts to bring you the best natural remedies for weight loss, colon cleansing and anti-aging. All of our products – Ultimate Trim, Ultimate Digestive Health and Ultimate Ageless – are proprietary formulas using 100% natural ingredients.

Stayed Tuned. We have many more natural health products in development to help you live healthy, lose weight and stay young.


Advice and Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Our goal is to share with you the latest and most helpful news in natural remedies for healthy living. In addition to Our partners are some of the leading nutrition, fitness, homeopathic and anti-aging specialists in natural health and wellness. solutions to bring you the best natural remedies and advice for your total health.

Better Health, Naturally

We are not your typical ‘healthy lifestyle’ company. We do not offer or promote gimmicks or fads; We marry common sense with scientific fact to offer you healthy choices for healthy living.

We believe in our all natural weight loss, digestive health and anti-aging remedies and follow our own healthy lifestyle tips. We invite you to join us in making healthy choices.

My Story

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Buck Rizvi, founder of Ultimate Lifespan.

I’ve been battling with obesity my whole life, but just three years ago I maxed out at 236 lbs with over 40% body fat. I was clinically obese with skyrocketing cholesterol and blood pressure and was on a fast track to a heart attack.

How ironic (and hypocritical!) that I ran a natural supplement company and was living such an unhealthy lifestyle!

My breaking point was when my doctor warned me that I may not be around for my soon-to-be-newborn daughter’s wedding. My then pregnant wife was worried sick about my future,her future and our kid’s future every time she saw me huff and puff my way up the stairs or turn red-in-the-face trying to tie my shoes.

Then and there, I made a commitment to get fit, lose weight and live healthy. I did extensive research and consulted with industry experts. I studied the weight loss products made by the large Pharma companies and found out that not only were they incredibly bad for you, they were loaded with unhealthy chemicals and they flat-out didn’t work.

After months of hard work, my experts and I hit on the formula for Ultimate Trim. So, I tested it on myself.

It worked! Six months later, I had lost close to 50 lbs, my body fat was at a healthy 15%, my cholesterol and blood pressure were in the normal range, and my baby daughter, Ema, was just starting to stand in her crib.*

This was literally the most transformative event of my life. It changed my outlook on everything. It empowered me to renew my commitment…to living healthy, keeping fit, staying young and enjoying every minute of life.

Please join me and our tens-of-thousands happy customers on this wondrous journey!

Disclaimer: Results are not typical and can vary. There is no guarantee of specific results.