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Newsletter – December 2011

Happy & Healthy Holidays to You and Your Family!

Beat the Holiday Bloat!

Holiday foods can result in digestive discomforts - find out how to beat holiday bloatThe Holiday’s are a time of celebration with family and friends – often accompanied by overeating and indulging in foods that may be new to us or we eat infrequently – like the fruit cake, the office pot luck, the venison jerky or anything with sugar.

This usually results in digestive discomforts like bloating, stomach pain, gas and constipation. This may be only temporary and occasional, or it might be a protracted discomfort which detracts from the Holiday festivities.

Assuming the causes of your bloating are not serious (which should be verified by your Doctor), the reasons for this discomfort could include: insufficient stomach acid, insufficient digestive enzymes, food intolerances, food allergies, stress, poor gut mobility, gut dysbiosis. Or it could be as simple as too high salt intake – this is a common cause of bloating.

Here are some of the main causes of bloating:

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Curb Your Cravings and Silence Your Hunger

Curb Your Cravings and Silence Your HungerImagine eating a modest meal in the evening, nothing too big, and then NEVER feeling hungry for the rest of the night… and I mean not even giving food a second thought.

That’s how things are supposed to be.

When your “hunger hormones” are working like they should, your brain receives a signal after dinner that you’re “full,” and the hunger pangs turn off and stay off.

The “hunger hormone” is called ghrelin (pronounced: GREL – in). And when levels of this hormone get too high, you feel hungry ALL THE TIME.

But if the ghrelin levels remain low, you will FEEL FULL after a meal… and satisfied without the need or urge to snack continually throughout the day…or night.

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How Smiling Can Help Your Back Pain

How Smiling Can Help Your Back PainIt’s true all of us have bad days.

For some those bad days can also be the time when you feel at your worst emotionally. But have you ever noticed that on those ‘bad days’ you might also be feeling an increased surge of back pain?

And the funny thing is that you might not be able to understand why your back pain feels worse on certain days and not quite as bad on other days.

Our friends at the Healthy Back Institute recently shared a very interesting study with us that we thought you or anyone you know who suffers from back pain, might find very helpful.

A recent Stanford University study of over 18,000 participants who were being treated for depression were also found to have varying levels of chronic pain.

In fact doctors were shocked to discover that 43% of participants reported that their depression and moodiness increased their levels of chronic backache and headaches significantly.

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The TRUTH About High Blood Pressue Medication (HBT)

The Truth About High Blood PressureMost people don't know this … but expensive and side-effect-ridden blood pressure drugs may not actually prevent heart attacks or strokes at all — or even prolong your life by a single day.

On the other hand, inexpensive foods, supplements, and other natural remedies can safely get to the root of high blood pressure and cure it for good. (You may already have some of them in your kitchen right now.) However, the drug companies don't want you to know about these simple solutions.

The $10-Billion High Blood Pressure Drug Machine

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a condition that results largely from shrinking arteries. As the arteries grow smaller, the heart works harder to pump the same amount of blood through a more restricted circulatory system — and with every beat, the heart exerts more effort than it should.