March 13th, 2012 Newsletter

New Ideas for Healthy Living

Newsletter – March 13, 2012

All Natural Methods to Prevent Colon Cancer

Diet changes can prevent colon cancerColon cancer takes the lives of over 55,000 men and women in the United States every year. More than 130,000 new cases are diagnosed every year, and usually, at advanced states due to the lack of symptoms in earlier stages.

Early detection is key in surviving colon cancer due to its invasive nature. Regular screenings are crucial in detecting colon cancer, but prevention via natural means may be your best defense!

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Certified Pilates Coach, Judy Farmer, will lead and motivate you through your choice of over 100 full length pilates workout sessions ranging from beginning to advanced classes!

Pilates is a wonderful way to get in shape for any fitness level or age and can even be a terrific low-impact cardio workout, too! So, if you've never tried Pilates, this is an excellent way to do so from the comfort of your home or office…at absolutely no cost to you.

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How to Beat the 7 Types of Pain

Beat the 7 Types of PainPain is no joking matter… but neither is it something to describe vaguely.

If I had to name the first reason why some people experience faster pain relief than others, I would say it’s because of “specifics.” By this I mean how specifically one is able to describe their pain or condition to a practitioner—or to themselves.

Challenges for healthcare practitioners and take-charge pain relief seekers arise when non-specific words are used to describe symptoms of their condition. Because the specifics are always what we need. General adjectives like “painful” and “hurting” just don’t give enough insight into what you may actually be suffering. And the type of pain points the way to the type of treatment best used to alleviate it.

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Heartburn – Do OTC Remedies Really Help?

Do OTC Heartburn Remedies Work?Are your over-the-counter (OTC) heartburn remedies really helping your heartburn, or do they cause even more problems for your health down the road?

Great health begins with cultivating beneficial flora (good bacteria) in the gut. The stomach has lately been touted as the second brain because of the billions of neuro receptors in the gut lining. This massive neuro-network regulates immune function, hormones and inflammatory response, as well as nutrient absorption.

When your stomach gets out of balance it can result in heartburn, digestive distress, energy depletion and many other negative symptoms.

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