March 6, 2012 Newsletter

New Ideas for Healthy Living

Newsletter – March 6, 2012

Are We Supposed to Gain Weight As We Age?

Are We Supposed to Gain Weight As We Age?The battle of the bulge sure seems to get a little tougher as we get older. As we reach middle-age, we find they that we can’t lose weight as easily as we did in our younger years. In order to lose weight effectively, it seems like we have to take extreme measures.

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FREE Special Health Report – 5 Foods That Kill Fat!

5 Foods That Kill FatFitness and Nutrition Specialist, Mike Geary, shares his FREE Health Report – 5 Foods That Kill Fat.

In his report, he reveals some shocking facts about some of the foods that you are probably already eating.

Some of these foods are marketed to you as “health foods” but are actually silently making you gain extra stomach fat!

Some of the foods will actually surprise becasue you may think they are healthy, but they can actually help you to burn off stubborn abdominal fat faster.

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The Key to Unlocking Your Fat Burning “Super Cells”

Scientists Discover a New Anti-Aging antioxidantScientists recently discovered a powerful anti aging antioxidant called Astaxanthin with amazing skin health benefits that rival the effectiveness of a $100 Botox injection. And believe it or not, Astaxanthin, found in your favorite pink hued crustaceans (crab, shrimp, lobster) and wild salmon is 500 times more potent than skin nourishing vitamin E.

Astaxanthin is derived from the algae Haematococcus pluvialis commonly eaten by salmon, flamingos, and crustaceans and is responsible for creating their pink coloring.

In a joint study from Washington State University and Inha University in Korea, the findings discovered that astaxanthin was found to be “a bioactive natural carotenoid that may be important to human health”.

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Healthy & Yummy – Greek Shrimp

Greek ShrimpFor dinner tonight, why not make a simple recipe that takes less than 20 minutes from start to table.

How about this recipe for Greek Shrimp? Oregano and feta cheese give this recipe its distinct flavor and aroma.

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