October 2011 Newsletter

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The Dangers of Laxatives

Being constipated is a downright horrible condition. On the mild side, being “pooped up” makes us uncomfortable but it can also be downright painful. What’s worse is that some people suffer from chronic constipation due to prescription meds or even as a result of diseases like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chrons Disease or Diverticulitis. Even stress can cause constipation! That’s why so many people reach out to those over-the-counter medications like laxatives and enemas for relief.

But this is what’s dangerous about using laxatives:

Several regulatory bodies recently discovered that some of the most popular laxatives may have been causing bowel problems following long term and regular usage.

Fruit or Not for Weight Loss Success?

To eat fruit or not to eat fruit for weight loss success?

Some experts say to avoid fruit at all costs if you’re trying to lose pounds.

Others say it’s OK to eat and you should, instead, avoid processed foods containing the chemically altered fructose derivates including high fructose corn syrup, table sugar and the like.

Confusing isn’t it?

Well, what causes this confusion is that many do not understand the difference between the sugar fructose (found in fruits) and high fructose corn syrup, the “manmade” sweetener that has been getting a lot of negative press lately (and for good reason).

A Secret to Self-Healing

What if you could get your hands on a secret that can “unlock” the body’s own “pharmacy”, to relieve pain, reduce high blood pressure, quit smoking permanently, lose weight and treat dozens of other health problems?

Recently, I discovered some exciting information about a highly effective self-care technique that anyone can learn and use to live healthy lives. I was amazed by the power of this treatment that is used worldwide, but barely even known in the U.S.

Although discounted by many “professional naysayers” in the pharmaceutical and medical fields, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have found relief for health problems using this method.

Why Probiotics are Essential to a Healthy Diet

The stomach has lately been referred to more as the second brain because of the billions of neuro receptors along the gut lining. This massive neuro-network regulates immune function, hormones and inflammation response as well as nutrient absorption.

So, healthy digestive system begins with nurturing beneficial flora in the gut, like lactobacillus and acidophilus. When your gut gets out of balance of this “good bacteria” it can result in heartburn, digestive distress, energy depletion and many other symptoms.

By supplementing with natural sources of minerals and enzymes, as well as taking Probiotics, beneficial micro-organisms like lactobacillus and acidophilus can then flourish. A healthy diet of wider variety of brightly colored vegetables like carrots, beets and even grains like barley will provide a natural balance of vital minerals and crucial factors.