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A Healthy Heart – Are You at Risk for Coronary Heart Disease?

Clearly, a healthy heart is paramount for healthy living.  It seems obvious, doesn’t it?  Well, it isn’t to many. According to the American Heart association, Coronary Heart Disease, also known as atherosclerosis or “hardening” of the arteries” affects 14 MILLION people resulting in over 1.5 MILLION heart attacks annually.  Even more frightening is that it […]

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Heart Health – An All Natural Treatment for Heart Disease

Clogged arteries are the primary cause of heart disease and leads to a number of ailments including heart pain, high blood pressure, and hardening of the arteries.  All of these conditions stem from the same source, inadequate blood flow through arteries. Many Doctors don’t share with you the alternative methods for dissolving plaque in your […]

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