Heart Health – An All Natural Treatment for Heart Disease

Clogged arteries are the primary cause of heart disease and leads to a number of ailments including heart pain, high blood pressure, and hardening of the arteries.  All of these conditions stem from the same source, inadequate blood flow through arteries.

Many Doctors don’t share with you the alternative methods for dissolving plaque in your arteries. Expensive prescription medicines, Bypass Surgery and Heart Stent Implants aren’t the only treatment for heart disease. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, there is an important all natural remedy called Oral Chelation Therapy.

Chelation Therapy – An All Natural Health and Wellness Approach

Chelation therapy has been used since about 1955 for treating hardening of the arteries. The idea of using Chelation for heart disease sprang from using it for toxic lead, arsenic, and mercury levels. A compound called calcium disodium EDTA, an amino acid, binds to those metals. The EDTA-bound metal is then flushed from your body through urination.

Using this toxic metal removal model, it was thought that a variation of the same compound, disodium EDTA, would bind to the plaque hardening in the arties and remove it. Based on this same principle, oral Chelation formulas were created.

Oral Chelation Supplements

People have taken oral Chelation supplements for years to maintain their health and wellness and as an all natural treatment for heart disease. In fact, because of their widespread use, the National Institute of Health (NIH) recently began a clinical study to document the specific benefits of this revolutionary heart health natural remedy.

The best oral chelation formulas, contain a lot of heart health promoting vitamins, minerals, and food-derived chemicals that have been found to fight hardening of the arteries, including:

  • B-Vitamins – like B6, B12, and folic acid, known to be crucial to heart health in reducing homocysteine, a chemical that promotes hardening of the arteries. They also maintain energy.
  • Magnesium, potassium, selenium – these are heart health minerals that keep heart muscle functioning correctly, regulate heartbeat, and prevent cholesterol from oxidizing and turning into plaque.
  • Bromelain, malic acid, garlic – these food-based compounds from pineapples, green apples, and garlic dissolve saturated fats and prevent them from hardening into plaques.
  • TMG (trimethylglycine) – also known as betaine, derived from beets, this chemical IS actually FDA-approved for treating high homocysteine levels.
  • EDTA – as noted above, this chemical binds to arterial plaque and removes it. EDTA is also FDA, and USDA, approved as a food additive.
  • NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) – a chemical found in high protein foods, it is an amino acid that, like EDTA, also acts as a toxin binding/removal agent.

How Does Oral Chelation as a Treatment for Heart Disease Work?

Oral chelation formulas come in pill form and are taken like you would any other supplement. They go to work by binding to mineral deposits (namely calcium which causes plaque and hardening of the arteries), breaking it down and liquefying it so it can be removed. In addition to being an essential habit of a healthy lifestyle, drinking plenty of filtered water daily will help flush the chelated minerals and toxins out of your blood.

It’s a good idea not to take any mineral supplements until a few hours after you take a chelation formula as the minerals can be chelated out of your system. Prescription medicine should also be taken a few hours apart from chelation supplements.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E supplements should be taken as they are antioxidants which help prevent oxidation of cholesterol into plaques.

Benefits of Oral Chelation Therapy

There are several heart disease conditions which can benefit from the artery-flushing effects of oral chelation. They are:

  • Coronary artery disease, or CAD – (AKA: hardening of the arteries) blockages in the heart that can cause heart attack.
  • Peripheral arterial disease, or PAD – lack of blood flow to legs and feet causing pain.
  • Erectile dysfunction – resulting from blocked arteries, lack of penile blood flow.
  • Carotid artery disease – decreased blood flow to the brain, can cause stroke.

Although oral chelation therapy may still be a controversial subject, it has its following of loyal supporters. According to Everyday Health, a recent survey of people who used chelation therapy, 62% said it gave them a sense of control over their heart disease.  For optimum effectiveness, chelation supplements should be combined with a healthy lifestyle choices and a commitment to health and wellness.

As with any supplement, read labels and be sure you have a quality oral chelation formula with ingredients such as those mentioned above. Consult a doctor familiar with the use of oral chelation formulas. They can monitor you, ensure their correct usage, and avoid any possible adverse effects that may arise.

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    can you tell me how does omega 3 from marine life help heart health and contribute to keeping the arteries free of plaque


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      Hi Donna,

      Thank you for posting your question to our website. Omega-3 TG consists of purified and concentrated Omega-3 Fish Oil, primarily from anchovy, sardines and mackerel. There is a slight amount of natural lemon/lime flavor and a proprietary antioxidant blend consisting of natural tocopherols, rosemary extract, and ascorbyl palmitate, to extend its shelf life and ensure optimum efficacy. To learn more by visiting this website at: http://www.realdose.com/store/omega-3/

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