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Founder for Ultimate Lifespan. Natural Health Researcher & Evangelist. Father of four. Instrument-rated pilot. Still has trouble impressing his wife and best friend, Daiva.

013. The Healthy Trojan Horse For Surviving Pandemics And Beyond

Today’s episode of the Ultimate Lifespan Podcast reveals an unusual class of organic chemicals that science says helps “friendlies” sneak in and stop cold, flu, and even pandemic-related viruses in their tracks. References: Zinc Ionophore Activity of Quercetin and Epigallocatechin-gallate:From Hepa 1‑6 Cells to a Liposome Model

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011. Road Trips For Better Health, Relationships, and Memories

In today’s episode of the Ultimate Lifespan Podcast, I share a report from our recent family 2,306-mile road trip from Boulder to Sacramento…and why it strengthened our physical and emotional health! Plus, I reveal how to use road trips the right way to build bonds and memories while avoiding health-robbing boobytraps. References: AAA TripTik – […]

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009. How To Extinguish Fear And Anxiety While Reversing Brain Age

In today’s episode, I stumble upon a new phrase, “fear extinction,” which leads me to a novel approach for extinguishing fear and anxiety while reversing “brain age” by nearly 10 years. Where To Find Magnesium L-threonate (MagT) References: Nature Research – Fasting enhances extinction retention and prevents the return of fear in humans

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