35 Useful Ways Vinegar is Amazing

1. Disinfect wood cutting boards.

2. Soothe a sore throat; use 1 tsp of vinegar per glass of water, then gargle.

3. Fight dandruff; after shampooing, rinse hair with vinegar and 2 cups of warm water.

4. Remove warts; apply daily a 50/50 solution of cider vinegar and glycerin until they’re gone.

5. Cure an upset stomach; drink 2 tsp apple cider vinegar in one cup of water.

6. Polish chrome.

7. Keep boiled eggs from cracking; add 2 tbsp to water before boiling.

8. Clean deposits from fish tanks.

9. Remove urine stains from carpet.

10. Keep fleas off dogs; add a little vinegar to the dog’s drinking water.

11. Keep car windows from frosting up; use a solution of 3 oz. vinegar to 1 oz. water.

12. Clean dentures; soak overnight in vinegar and then brush.

13. Get rid of lint in clothes; add 0.5-cup vinegar to rinse cycle.

14. Remove grease from suede.

15. Kill grass on sidewalks and driveways.

16. Make wool blankets softer; add 2 cups distilled vinegar to rinse cycle.

17. Remove skunk odor from a dog; rub fur with full strength vinegar and rinse.

18. Freshen wilted vegetables; soak them in 1 tbsp vinegar and a cup of water.

19. Dissolve mineral deposits in drip coffee makers.

20. Deodorize drains; pour a cup down the drain once a week, let sit for 30 minutes, then rinse.

21. Use as a replacement for a lemon; 0.25 tsp vinegar substitutes for 1 tsp of lemon juice.

22. Make rice fluffier; add 1 tsp of vinegar to water when it boils.

23. Prevent grease build-up in ovens; wipe oven with cleaning rag soaked in distilled vinegar and water.

24. Kill germs; mix a 50-50 solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

25. Clean a clogged shower head.; pour vinegar into a zip-lock bag and gang it around the shower head. let it soak overnight to remove any mineral deposits.

26. Shine patent leather.

27. Remove the smell from laundry that has been left in the washer too long; pour 1 cup of vinegar in with the load and rewash it.

28. Make propane lantern wicks burn longer/brighter; soak them in vinegar for 3 hours, let dry.

29. Act as an air freshener.

30. Soften paintbrushes; soak in hot vinegar then rinse with soapy water.

31. Remove bumper stickers and decals; simply cover them with vinegar-soaked cloth for several minutes.

32. Prolong the life of fresh-cut flowers; use 2 tbsp of vinegar and 3 tbsp of sugar per quart of warm water.

33. Prevent Mildew; Wipe down shower walls with a vinegar solution.

34. Soften calloused feet; soak your feet in a mixture 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water for 30 minutes then scrub them with a pumice stone. The dead skin should slough off easily.

35. Treat Acne; start with a solution of organic apple cider vinegar and water at a ration of 1:8, apply the toner to blemishes and leave on a minimum of 2 minutes.

Buck Rizvi

Founder for Ultimate Lifespan. Natural Health Researcher & Evangelist. Father of four. Instrument-rated pilot. Still has trouble impressing his wife and best friend, Daiva.

  • Carol Chiveral says:

    I use vinegar and spray my stainless steel pans and use Amway metal cleaner, it takes stains away and makes them shinny. I also spray gnats with it and it kills them. Also spaying a water cooler with vinegar it removes the calcium on the metal sides. When I wash the floor, I use water and vinegar, it cleans it nice.

    I use gallon glass bottles for tea, I first soak them in bleach, then I rinse out them spray with vinegar and it keeps the glass bottle clean. I do the same with the coffee pot that I cook the tea in. I also pour vinegar in the coffee maker to clean, then finish it with water.

  • Carol Chiveral says:

    People are overweight by not eating right for their blood types. O and B blood eat meat, but not eat pork, drink coffee or use wheat flour. A and AB bloods can’t eat meat.

    • Isabel says:

      I am blood type O and I have an allergy to meat. Once in a while I eat wild salmon. I eat a lot of raw food and fruits daily. I make sure they are organic or non-GMO. My weight is 110 lbs.

      • Barb Gunter says:

        Isabel , I’m also 0 type & I don’t digest meat well so I don’t eat it , I eat a lot of vegetables , fruits & I don’t eat breads or sugar. I have bowel problems , heart burn I find it very hard to loose weight . Do you have any weight loss tips for me ? Thanks barb

  • Has it got to be cider vinegar? What about skin tags, the plague of our lives?

    • Ultimate Lifespan says:

      Hello Patricia,

      Thank you for your question. Your choice of white vinegar vs apple cider vinegar, depends on what you are doing. White vinegar is a great choice for any of the cleaning suggestions. Apple cider vinegar is a great choice a lot of cooking/recipes and many home remedies. According to Livestrong, skin tags can be removed through the use of apple cider vinegar. Here is a link to a step-by-step course of action for removing skin tags with it: http://www.livestrong.com/article/305580-how-to-remove-skin-tags-with-vinegar/ Let us know if it works for you! We’d love to hear back from you.

  • Brian says:

    Dab vinegar on sunburned skin to relieve the sting. Also good for jelly-fish stings.

    • Vinegar on a sunburn works wonders, IMMEDIATE. Relief. Brought up on a farm and we worked bare chested ( I’m a male ) and we probably went through a gallon during harvesting season.

  • Sandee says:

    But one thing you forgot to tell them was you can’t drink just the vinegar that we all grew up with that is by the ketchup and mustard at the store. That is poison to the inside of us. The vinegar you need to drink is the Bragg’s brand of Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother in it. That will lower your cholesterol, clean out your arteries and control pain and lots of other things. You can get this at health stores and some groceries stores.

  • Lucille Shannon says:

    Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar with “The Mother” is also very effective for gout and bone spurs in the heel of feet. Take 1 teaspoon with honey (if desired) in 8 oz of water 3 times daily.

  • james grabowski says:

    great info.

  • George says:

    36. Add a teaspoon of vinegar to a quarter glass of water and drink daily to cure arthritis.

  • lajuan thompson says:

    Thanks for the vinegar tips. I already use many of them.

  • Francine J. Morshed says:

    Very good suggestions! I disagree with a few, but thats ok!! If you find any other remedies or uses, would you please let me know? Also, vinegar is an excellent meat tenderizer and purifies the fat content in the meat. I sprinkle somewhat generous amounts on chicken, ribs, pork chops and steaks before seasoning and then cooking!!! The taste is undetected, but the results are great. Tender meat without grease or fat! Please try it. Also, if you have tips on ANYTHING ELSE, please let me know! Thank you so much. Sincerely, Francine.

  • joe perez says:

    thanks for the info….please post more info..how to use natural products…….thanks god bless…..

  • Kathy says:

    On your 35 useful ways to use VINEGAR, U don’t say which kind! In other words, would you use apple cider vinegar to clean the carpet or WHITE vinegar??? That’s only ONE example but I have MANY questions in which to use out of the 35! Thx for your reply.

    • Ultimate Lifespan says:

      Hi Kathy, You raise a very good point and that is an excellent question! The simple answer is that which vinegar to use depends on what you are going to do with it. For many recipes and for home remedies for health, you may want to choose cider vinegar. Distilled, or white vinegar, which is produced from the second fermentation of dilute distilled alcohol could be a good choice for any of the cleaning suggestions, such as doing laundry or polishing items. Hope that helps! Have a great day!

  • Whuffo says:

    My home is getting infested with ants. Is there a vinegar solution you could recommend?

    • Ultimate Lifespan says:

      Hello Whuffo,

      Thank you for a great question. Here is a suggested use of vinegar to rid your home of ants: wherever you see the ants, wipe the area down with a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. Repeat this action several times throughout the day to keep this natural repellant working. This remedy works because ants really dislike the smell of vinegar and the wiping action removes the scent trails that help them get around. For additional natural and science based ways to rid your home of ants, click this link: http://frugalliving.about.com/od/doityourself/tp/Get_Rid_of_Ants_Cheaply.htm

      • 1234 :) says:

        Baking sofa is another ant repellent you can even put it right on the ant hills.
        I was putting it on the weeds in between the patio stones the other day and boy did they run!

      • Caz says:

        Ants hate cinnamon. They disappear quickly if you put cinnamon powder where they’re congregating

    • June says:

      I have been very successful in getting rid of ants. Mix 2tbsb borax—2cups sugar—- 1cup water Boil for 3 min. Store in a glass jar. The ants will take this back to their hills, to the queen and it will kill them all. Be patient as this takes a long time by the time they are eliminated, I put it along the base boards and wherever they frequent. It does harden and you have to ree apply and it is hard to clean up after as it goes hard like concrete, I have used a knife and plain water, it works and it is work.. Good luck! june from Canada

  • Roy says:

    I drink a 1& 1/2 ounce each vinegar and water mix every night before bed time

  • Lorraine van Wyk says:

    vinegar relieves stings
    relieves the pain of sunburn when used diluted

  • Fran Davis says:

    Have used vinfgar for many of these and at the age of 82 that means a looooonnng time!! LOL

    I only wish you had made this where we could have printed it —to share with others who do not own PC.

    Thank you for this information–there are a few I have not tried BUT will do so!!

  • Robert says:

    may i add number 36…….for midnight cramps or cramps anytime ….one teaspoon vinegar to glass of water…

  • Robert says:

    i always keep vinegar on hand ….

  • Mary O'Sullivan says:

    Thank you

  • Goldie davis says:

    Thanks so very much for tips on using Vinegar,I have used a few but you have given me many more. One question please
    for Dentures should I use what vinegar and shou;ld it be diluted if so a 50/50?
    As Joe mentioned would it be possible to give tips on other natural ex. Honey or Herbs. Thanks again for a helpful mail.

    • Ultimate Lifespan says:

      Hello Goldie,

      We’re glad that you have found the tips useful. For cleaning dentures with vinegar, you are correct, the proper mixture is 50/50 water and vinegar. (It is recommended to use white vinegar.)

      Thank you for the suggestions on tips for using honey or herbs. We will keep those in mind for future articles. Have a healthy day!

  • Marva says:

    To fight dandruff how much vinegar should be added to the 2 cups of warm water? Thanks in advance.

    • Ultimate Lifespan says:

      Hi Marva,

      Thank you for sending your concern! You can add as much as a cup of vinegar (Apple cider or White vinegar) with your 2 cups of warm water to treat dandruff. Or, you can start by making your solution a little more diluted, say 1 cup of vinegar to 3 cups water in order for the smell to be tolerable. Let the solution sit for awhile, about a couple of minutes or more, before rinsing it off thoroughly. You may want to repeat this a couple more times to effectively eliminate the cause of your dandruff. Depending on how severe your case is, you can do this once every week or once every two weeks to completely get rid of the problem. Looking forward to hearing more of your progress!

  • vinay sharma says:

    please advice i use dentures i find some red stains as i some times eat pan after dinner how should i clean them thanks i find your colume very interesting and helpful

    • Ultimate Lifespan says:

      Hi Vinay,

      Thank you for writing in and for sharing your concerns with us! You can mix in a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar and let your dentures sit for at least 8 hours or overnight. Wash or rinse before wearing. Stains will be removed over time but deep stains may need to be brushed off using your denture brush. Hope this helps! Make it a healthy day!

  • vinay sharma says:

    very helpful please advice how to remove stains from dentures

  • Had acid reflux all my life had a big tummy opp because my asphosis was burnt away been on apple cider vinegar and honey for about two years now no more acid no more pain and I believe there are loads of other things that it is good for too so give it a try

    • Patricia Hickman says:

      I suffer from gerd would a c v help how do I take it

      • Ultimate Lifespan says:

        Hi Patricia,

        Thank you for posting! If your GERD is severe and you get frequent episodes, we suggest that you speak with your personal doctor before getting started on the Apple Cider Vinegar. The reason being, while it may be effective for certain type of stomach issues, it may not be a good fit for everyone. By speaking with your doctor, you will not only know how or when to take the ACV but also adjust your portions according to your body’s needs. Hope this helps!

    • Liz says:

      Hi Anita
      I have very bad acid reflux-please pm me and let me know how often you take the acv and honey and what sort of ratio of honey to acv?
      I have been on medication for this for along time and want to get off it ASAP

  • 1234 :) says:

    Baking sofa is great for deterring ants I was putting it on the weeds between the patio stones the other day and boy did they run!! You can even put it directly on the hills.

  • Jackie James says:

    ACV is good if you have acid reflux. I used to wake up choking not able to get any air down my wind pipe. Thinking I was going to die. After investigation, found I had hiatus hernia and acid reflux causing choking. Now if I have anything with chilli in I sip a mixture of apple cider vinegar (ACV) mixed with water up a straw to protect my teeth. No more reflux. Try it. Just about an inch of water and a cap full of vinagar. You only need to take 2 or 3 sips and your done.

    • Kath Hargreaves says:

      I am starting a 20 bursts of Radiotherapy for Cancer in a lymph node in my eostphaegus .
      My Oncologist has told me after about two weeks I migh not be able to eat because of a sore throat pain and bad indigestion .He says to have mushy foods at the ready .This will last for about six weeks . He says and that I will b given strong Painkillers . I am now wandering which vinegar I should use and how much ,if I use it with Manuker Honey..Thank You Kathy.

      • Ultimate Lifespan says:

        Hi Kath,

        Thank you for writing in and for sharing your concerns with us! We suggest that your speak to your personal doctor before getting started with Vinegar and Manuker Honey. The reason being, while there are many benefits to drinking a Vinegar based tonic, it may not be a good fit for everyone. By speaking with your personal doctor, you will not only be advised if the tonic will be safe for you to take but more importantly, be given proper guidance in the dosage or dilution. Hope this helps! Make it a healthy day!

  • Rosalie says:

    What vinigar to use for dog water

  • Just read your list of using vinegar around the house, it was very helpful and it works!! Thank you

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