Toxins, Toxins Everywhere – Why A Body Detox Should Not Be Optional

If you’ve been feeling under the weather but can’t quite pinpoint the cause, it could well be the amount of toxins in your body.

We are constantly surrounded by toxins. Toxins that we eat, drink, breathe, and wear affect us every day of our lives.

Many individuals, concerned about their health, turn to a detox diet as the first step toward better health. This makes complete and total sense, when you realize your body optimally works best with healthy cells.

We’re all aware the petrochemical industry has grown to a multi-billion dollar industry, producing millions of tons of both old and new chemicals — most of which are toxic. Yet many people who consider themselves well-informed are unaware of the many other sources of toxins in their immediate environment, and the threat they can pose to health.

In day-to-day life, we’re exposed to toxins on numerous levels, some within our control, some totally outside it, and others somewhere in between.

To better visualize this, think of yourself as the center of a bull’s eye, with a series of concentric circles radiating out from you. The bull’s eye is the area that you can control. Each ring outward means less personal control in areas where you interact — home, neighborhood, workplace, and your community.

Starting with the center and moving out, we encounter the following toxins:

1. Internal metabolic toxins

At the center of the target are internal bodily toxins. For example, if your doctor prescribes an antibiotic, this will not only kill off bacteria it is targeting, but also other beneficial bacteria in your body. Without these beneficial bacteria, unwanted bacteria like Candida albicans (a yeast bacteria), will flourish. The best way to deal with internal toxins is through a safe and natural detox for the body.

2. Emotional Toxins

The need to love and be loved qualifies as a physical need, and another source of internal toxins that most people do not consider. Disagreements or unhappy relationships with a significant other, a boss, or even a neighbor can cause emotional toxin.

3. Consumable Toxins

Consumable toxins are toxins that enter your body directly by way of your mouth. You decide what goes into your mouth, but to make that decision wisely requires knowledge of the sources of “consumable toxins.” They include water-borne toxins, chemical additives in packaged foods and beverages, tobacco and alcohol, some foods (particularly for the millions of people with food allergies), pharmaceutical drugs, “recreational” drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and toxins absorbed from dental work.

4. Toxins Absorbed Through the Skin

The next ring also allows a high level of personal control. It involves toxins found in anything that is applied to or absorbed by your skin – personal care products, such as cosmetics and hygiene supplies, chemical or fragrance additives to soaps and cleansers, as well as some synthetic clothing chemicals.

5. Environmental Toxins in Your Home

The next circle involves substances you encounter in your immediate personal environment – your home, garden or automobile. Toxins in this group can include biological pollutants — such as pollen, dust, mold, mildew, animal dander and bacteria — or chemical pollutants found in the house, garden and auto. Outgassing from carpet and furniture or radiation from smoke alarms.

Radon, a naturally occurring form of radioactive gas found in many soils, may also be present. Waves of electrical energy emitted by home electrical wiring and electrical devices including computers and appliances, is almost certainly present.

Additionally, chemical agents are found in cleaning compounds, waxes and polishes, disinfectants, garage fumes, insecticides, weed killers, and car-care products. Detoxifying your home to detox your body is one of the greatest contributions you can make to your health and your family.

Unless you work from home, you come in contact with the work environment toxins, such as cleaning supply compounds, insecticides, and disinfectants. Office environments also carry the risk of chemicals used in clerical work, like toners, “white out” and glues. Many work environments bring exposure from automotive fumes or chemicals.

6. Environmental Toxins in Your City or Community

The circle, over which you have the least immediate control, is your community. Urban residents face increased exposure to lead, to air-borne particulates from diesel engines, and to contamination from industrial sites.

Suburban residents run the risk of air pollution from commuting or chemical exposures from golf courses and gardens, while rural residents are more likely to encounter high levels of fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

Ways to Protect You and Your Family from Toxins

First, you can have each family member follow a detox diet for better health. We’ll share more on that later.

Second, you can insulate your personal environment somewhat from community toxins — for example by increasing the number of air-filtering plants in and around your house, or by using an air filter indoors.

Third, you can join others in your community to press for a healthier environment. Life can become very rewarding when your concern for personal health starts to extend towards positive action for the health of our communities and planet.

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