Staying Young – Nature’s Help for Memory Loss

I am continually amazed with the miracles of nature. Did you know a flower can make you smarter?

I’m talking about the periwinkle flower. It’s not only a beautiful garden flower, but it contains a miraculous brain-booster called vinpocetine (vin-PO-si-teen). It helps us to stay young, prevents memory loss (especially long-term memory) and even supports memory improvement.

Vinpocetine is so effective in fighting memory loss that it’s widely used in nearly 50 countries, including Germany and Japan. Doctors in the US don’t seem to know much about it. That’s a shame, because it’s a terrific all natural and safe way to help us stay young.

But, my good friend and colleague. Dr. Al Sears, is ahead of the curve. As a medical doctor and one of the nation’s first board-certified anti-aging physicians, Dr. Sears has become one of the leading experts in the US on the effectiveness of vinpocetine on memory loss and memory improvement.

He tells me that the beauty of vinpocetine is that your brain knows exactly what to do with it. When you start taking it and it goes to work right away. That’s because when you were younger, your brain manufactures it on its own. But, once the aging process begins, you make less and as the years go by.

Starved of this vital nutrient, your memory loss grows and grows. Start feeding your brain again and you experience instant memory improvement.

This isn’t just about staving off memory loss. Vinpocetine is a nourishing force for both your brain and your body, helping you to stay young and feel young. Here’s what it will do for you:

  • Reduces ‘brain fog’ and promotes memory improvement
  • Boosts blood flow to your brain
  • Supports nervous system health
  • Helps you to feel and stay young
  • Keeps your brain stocked with the “feel-good” compound dopamine

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? To better understand the key to Vinpocetine’s power, you need to read this article by Dr. Sears on how much power your brain really needs

Buck Rizvi

Founder for Ultimate Lifespan. Natural Health Researcher & Evangelist. Father of four. Instrument-rated pilot. Still has trouble impressing his wife and best friend, Daiva.