Why You Should Stay Away From Fad Diets to Lose Weight

Fad diets all have one thing in common – they’re diets. Like bell-bottoms and sweater-sets, they’re in for a couple of years and then gone, only to return again years later. When eating to lose weight, you should avoid fad diets like the plague. In truth, many of these ‘lose fat diets’ will provide some […]

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You Have to Eat to Lose Weight!

So you’ve been told again and again…eat less and do more exercise to lose weight,. right? WRONG! Besides exercise, another key thing to losing weight is keeping your blood sugar stable. And, that requires you to EAT MORE, not less. Blood sugar levels are directly affected by meal frequency and eating the right fat loss […]

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Diabetes and Weight Loss – A Natural Remedy for Diabetes?

My work and life calling is all about healthy living, making healthy choices and finding safe and healthy natural ways to treat various health problems. Over the years of my natural products research, I’ve noticed many people ask the same question: “If there is no cure for diabetes, then how do thousands of diabetics get […]

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What Is Really Necessary To Lose Weight Safely?

By Guest Blogger: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS The premise is simple…A calorie deficit must be created through exercise to lose fat, and a small calorie intake reduction. This means more energy needs to go out than comes in. While this sounds good, life is never that simple. Certain problems can arise that may counteract all […]

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Digestive Health – Is Stress Really the Cause of Your Ulcer?

For as long as I can remember, doctors have been suggesting that ulcers and stress go hand-in-hand. But now I know better. True stress can kill you by breaking down your immune system and slowly draining your adrenal glands…there is no arguing that stress is poisonous to your well-being and living healthy. But the days […]

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Take Probiotics And Toss Your Antacids

The stomach has been described as the second brain because of the billions of neuro receptors along the gut lining. This massive neuro-network controls immune function, hormones and inflammation response, as well as nutrient absorption. The world is abundant with microorganisms, including bacteria. So too, are our bodies – bacteria are in the gut, on […]

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